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Student Jobs In Hamilton

Jeanette Said:

where can i find a cheap salon somewhere in new jersey?

We Answered:

if you are tight for money, find a cosmotology school, the students dye, cut and style hair, do nails and make up, all at next to no cost for the experience.

Harvey Said:

HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN Tragedy of 10-year-old mom?

We Answered:

Yes, I heard about that. I live in an area where we get the Cincinnati stations, and I saw it first this morning.

I think it's absolutely disgusting that a mother could let something like that go on with her child. But the authorities shouldn't be able to force the girl to give her baby up. No matter how old she is, she's still the baby's mother and unless she wants to give it up for adoption, it should be staying with her.

I do agree that the mother (the baby's grandmother) should not be allowed to see the baby.

What really gets me about the whole thing, though, is the fact that the father of the baby was the THIRD MAN TO BE TESTED for paternity! And not only that, but it seems that hospital officials notified child services AFTER THE BABY WAS BORN! Didn't anyone realize before delivery that the girl was pregnant? Dhe obviously went to no doctor and prenatal visits, and she must not have been in school, either, or surely a teacher would have noticed that growing belly.

The whole thing is sad and appalling.

Ron Said:

I dont know if I could get into any of these schools...?

We Answered:

If you are Christian/conservative, you may have great difficulty with some of these schools, which are obsessively liberal to the point of bigotry against Christian or conservative ideas. The worst on your list are:

Vassar (may be in a league of its own...)

"do you realy think that those schools would 'discriminate' against my application if i included that detail?"

Admissions officers probably would not discriminate (but there could be a few who really hate conservatives and will veto you under some pretext). The real problem is that the schools' administration, faculty, and student politics are OBSESSIVELY liberal. Conservatives at these schools learn to keep a low profile...

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