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Student Jobs In London

Casey Said:

Part time/Student jobs in london?

We Answered:

You can apply for freelance writing, bookkeeping, software, transcription, online tuition or customer service work at home jobs. These companies do not require any fee and pay well . List of companies(with websites) offering genuine work at home jobs is available at . Many of these companies have been in business for several years

Lois Said:

student jobs in london? no experience?

We Answered:


Kelly Said:

what are some good student jobs in the london area??

We Answered:

Hand CVs around shops like clothes shops, fast food, etc etc good luck.

Michael Said:

Student jobs in London (10 points for helpful answer)?

We Answered:

London is absolutely crammed full of pubs, bars, cafes and resturaunts. Your best bet would be to get your walking shoes on and visit as many of these establishments as you can, asking them if they have any kind of work that you would be able to do for them. Even pot-washing in a resturaunt, will earn you some money. Persevere with your on-foot search. These kinds of places are willing to try people out without going through the normal processes that larger establishments such as Asda, Tesco and W H Smith have, which need you to apply and submit a CV.. I have quite a few friends who managed to get evening and weekend work by simply popping into pubs and cafes and asking if there were any vacancies.. Good luck.

Gerald Said:

international student get part jobs in london r not ?

We Answered:

If you have a student visa, yes you can. You are allowed to work 20 hours per week during term time and full time during the holidays. You can also do work placements for which you are assessed as part of your course, provided these do not take up more than 50% of the length of your course.

You cannot take a full time job, be self employed or take a job as a professional sportsperson, sports coach or doctor in training.

Pamela Said:

student bartending jobs in london???? (soho/mayfair area)?

We Answered:

i think your best bet is to go inside bars and nightclubs see if there are any jobs avalible and see if the know of any because lots of bars closly linked. age shouldnt be that muchof a problem but it may differ from place to place.

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