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Student Jobs In Melbourne

Claudia Said:

Please help a student arriving in melbourne, regarding part time jobs and rules?

We Answered:

G'day... we meet again :),

Hmmm... there is a problem though. As an international student, the student can only work max. 20hrs/week during school period, and full-time only during holiday period. Therefore as you can imagine, the student cannot rely on the income from Australia to support themselves. Therefore you must inform the student to budget themselves properly. I was an international student in Melbourne and I saw a number of my fellow international students who had to pack-up and go home without finishing their study due to insufficient fund.

Dun get me wrong, I am not asking the student not to come. I just dun want the student to get the wrong impression in regards to study and living in Melbourne.

Once the student arrive in Melbourne, he/she can apply for work permit at the Department of Immigration. In regards to jobs, there are some employment agencies in the city, but also some websites such as, and

Hope this helps. Good luck on the student coming to Australia :)

Richard Said:

Part time jobs in Melbourne in n multinational companies like IBM, SAP, Siemens, Accenture, Microsoft?

We Answered:

As a recent alum I can assure you that ACN does not have part-time jobs for ERP personnel.

Juan Said:

Hi I am an international student who lives in Victoria, Melbourne. How to get retail jobs?

We Answered:

You NEED to have references on your resume. If you don't have any Aussie references ask your teachers/lecturers if they will be a reference on your resume.

If you have no prior work experience you can mention any clubs or volunteer work that you do/have done.

Most schools, TAFEs and Universities have a careers office that you can go to and they will help you write up your resume and give you tips on how to find a job and what to do and say in job interviews so definitely find out where your school/university's career office is.

Pedro Said:

Student Job in Melbourne for 20 hours a week?

We Answered:


Gail Said:

is it really easy to get job for a student in austrilia / melbourne ?

We Answered:

well, it is not easy to get the first job. if u r going abroad then u must have a solid base with ur education because when they will compare ur degree with their's, it might be turned out to lesser value. so it will be good that if u get job in whatever place u r living , get some experience and then go there. it will be foolishness if u will go after ur B.Com

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