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Student Jobs In Norwich

Carl Said:

What do you think of my personal statement??? I want to do primary education next year?

We Answered:

I can see you've got the bug.

You have to be a bit savvy to what you want to do though and I would think secondary schooling is more your interest.

I say this because I had a similar experience where I was attracted to teaching through helping primary school children with their reading. During my studies I became interested in all the Educational stuff to do with how children learn. When I got to the schools though it was more management of 20 or so children that was the major focus.

This is where everything gets mechanical and you suddenly have a curriculum you have to teach. You quickly find that the stuff you love to teach gets chopped up into the smallest parts.

Secondary teaching allows you to teach the subjects you love at the level that doesn't need to be dumbed down so much. You sound like you want to extend the keen students, this is sometimes restricted in primary because it's either not your special topic or that student has to do it on their own as a contract rather than as direct instruction.

I love teaching but I'm still working at it.

OOps....The statement seems fine to me. Maybe a bit long winded when you are talking about the Art.

Rachel Said:

Doctorate Brown, MIT, Cornell, etc: chances for nontraditional student?

We Answered:

Yes, I'd say the issue with low grades could be a stumbling block. Sure, you can make excuses, but the truth is grades are considered, as are writing samples, GRE results, reference letters etc. Schools simply don't have to admit students who aren't consistent top achievers. Saying that, if you get the chance to meet the people making the decisions and get in there and make a positive impression and have references that are very strong you might have a chance. I wouldn't limit myself to Ivey schools either. The school's name brand doesn't matter as much as the actual work you produce as a grad student and the professor you work with.

Margaret Said:

Where to do volunteer work for school?

We Answered:

Phone your local council or look on there web site, there should be a volunteering section there or even ask at the job centre.

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