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Student Jobs In Nottingham

Dora Said:

Is this a good study plan?(for my brother)?

We Answered:

uk is still a better option than sgp. they maybe willing to accept underage geniuses. u can still apply nus and see how they react. dont ever go to usa [for medicine]. 4 extra years is total time wastage. UCL/cambridge are good options. with uk degree u can go anywhere in the world. why usa? make $$? u dont!
for that sgp is a better option as there are few litigation. u will be surprise - choose a country like malaysia, thailand or even china and u will be very very rich! doctors there earn humongous amount if u're tops.

Ramona Said:

Internship (unpaid) in London...good idea?

We Answered:

I definitely don't think you'd earn enough money from a part-time job to be able to cover your living expenses, given that you realistically couldn't work more than 25-ish hours a week, if that.

To get a good idea of how much it would cost to live here, have a look on Gumtree ( to find flatshares and so get an idea of how much rent would cost, and remember that these prices are exclusive of council tax and all utilities bills. Then have a look on the TFL site ( to get an idea of how much public transport costs, as this will be your biggest expense after rent. My thoughts would be that you'd need:
Rent: £360 per month minimum, more like £400 to be realistic
Travelcard: £100 per month, depending on which zone you live in
Council tax: £50 per month approximately, depending on how many people you live with and in what area you live
Utilities bills: hugely variable, depending on what kind of a house you live in, how many people you live with, etc
Plus food, entertainment, clothing, etc.

But, you're correct in that an internship can be an invaluable experience and if you do have any way of making it happen, such as getting support from your parents or getting a loan, then I'd definitely go for it. My flatmate is currently an intern and his parents pay his rent for him (he pays all other living costs), but this is on the understanding that it's for the three month duration of his internship and support will stop when the internship ends. Maybe your parents would be happy to support you if they knew that it was for a limited time.

Paula Said:

what does a person do when he/she feels they are stuck in the wrong carrer?

We Answered:

You're a student, you're not stuck. Until you have a mortgage payment and a kid about to enter college, you're not stuck in anything.

Do what you love. If you don't love calculus, punt it. There are lots of careers where you can be happy, successful and respected where you don't even need to be able to define "calculus".

Wayne Said:

UNIVERSITY. home vs living away?

We Answered:

Have you visited all of these schools yet? If not, I would recommend visiting the campuses and making an appointment with an advisor during your visit. It is important to think about how close you want to be to home, but it's also important to chose the school that will be the best fit for what you want to study (and ultimately do with your life). The University close to your home, for example, may not offer the specific programs you want to take. I would recommend visiting each school, finding the one that will be the best fit for your career (as well as the other factors you mentioned), and then decide.

Good luck!

Rhonda Said:

Too young for a LLM?

We Answered:

I'm a 2nd year law student from England and funnily enough i want to study the same LLM as you, but at the University of Leeds. My lecturers all recommend doing it after you have graduated as the legal concepts and ability to adapt to the study settings are already there.

I say go for it, and I wish you all the luck

Stella Said:

Moving out for the first time and the cost of it (bills and such)?

We Answered:

Allow £20 per person for food, There is water bill, electric bill mine took me by nasty surprise this quarter and they charged me double what I usually pay, so put aside for unexpected nasties. The best thing is write a list out and put down What will cover there about. Definetely put aside for clothes and rainy days. £20 for food a week, £10 for everything else, if you have a surplus, well then a least you got it, stored.

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