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Student Jobs In Ontario

Darrell Said:

highschool student jobs??

We Answered:

go work at a fast food joint. its actually more fun then you think

Georgia Said:

Can a high school student in Ontario get a job where they only have to work 10 - 12 hours a week?

We Answered:

most companies allow for part time work if going to school but the minimum is 15 hours a week. perhaps weekend work would be more benificial for you and you can still make up those hours over the weekend.

Marsha Said:

Are students who have summer jobs in Ontario, required to pay income tax?

We Answered:

Whether or not you have to pay income tax depends on how much you earn. You can go to the CRA website and calculate how much your deductions will be based on how much you think you will earn.

Naomi Said:

Student jobs in Montreal?

We Answered:

Without French you will have a very difficult time finding summer work. Under Law 101, you can not have any job working with the public - serving in a store, restaurant bar etc. Anyone who employed you would be liable for a stiff fine and no employer will take the chance, especially when so many bilingual students from here are looking for work.

Patricia Said:

Any student job openings in Guelph Ontario?

We Answered:

Use Craigslist to keep track of openings that fit your abilities.

Robin Said:

Does anyone know any places hiring in toronto ontario? [student job such as cashier, office work etc.]?

We Answered:

Check out or

Lynn Said:

Student looking for job in Ottawa, Ontario ?

We Answered:

You could always check with the senior centre in your area. They are always looking for young teens to help out. They need both male and females to help the seniors stay in there own homes. They are needed to help with yard work, housekeeping, shopping and sometimes just for company. It is amazing how rewarding this can be for both old and young people. Open your heart to a senior and you will be rewarded 10 fold. It will also look good on your College application. I think students get student wages as a bonus. You won't be sorry.

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