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Student Jobs In Perth

Benjamin Said:

Part time jobs Perth/joondalup area?

We Answered:

1. For a job look at your local paper, check out the below website, depending on what you have experience in expect to get approx $15 to $18 per hour

3. The tax rate depends on how much you earn, but the first $6,000 has no tax…

4. Depends on what you eat, but the below is a popular shop with pricing, so check out what you like to eat.…

5. Good jobs would be working in a pharmacy, liquor stores stay open late, as do fast food shops and supermarkets.

6. Transperth is our public transport system, you can check out the trains/buses in that area

7. The further you go the more it costs, it also costs more to buy a ticket when you travel, it is much cheaper to get a bus pass and put $50 on at a time.…

8. The train stations have security guards, but I don't live in that area so hard for me to say.

Regina Said:

Can a student manage to live with only part-time jobs in Perth (excluding uni fees)? i mean:rent,bills,food.?

We Answered:

Let's get this the right way round first, are you coming from a foreign country? If so, you wouldn't be let into Australia in the first place with only tuition fees and 1 month's living cost in the bank.
Follow this link to the very informative government site for all of the answers to all of your questions regarding immigration, visas etc.:

If you are an Australian, then the answer is yes, of course you can exist on part-time work and many if not most students do it. Its not easy, but as you are all in the same boat, you all have the same standard of living and the same expectations of that standard. I had a real blast when I was a student and we lived on what was very little indeed.

Charlene Said:

how can i get part time jobs in perth and its suburb?

We Answered:

Hello. THere are a lof of part time jobs and i will give you some websites and i hope that helps you out. Good Luck and i hope it all works out for you.

Raymond Said:


We Answered:

try these links and this will help you

Laura Said:

Accommodation and Jobs in Perth, Aus for dependent and study visa?

We Answered:

A dependent can work for up to 20 hours per week all year around (no extra hours allowed during vacation times). They cannot start work until the student's course begins.

The adult (21+) minimum wage is $14.67 per hour for permanent and part time workers who also get holiday and sick pay and other benefits. The adult casual minimum wage is $17.60 per hour without holiday pay etc.

20 hours per week is the maximum a dependent can work unless the student is here on a subclass 573, 574 or 576 visa. If the student is here on one of those 3 visas, the dependent can work unlimited hours once the student has started his/her course.

Sorry, can't help with accommodation.

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