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Student Jobs In Plymouth

Andre Said:

changing uni next year? will i be excepted? will this effect my student loan?

We Answered:

Dont take any risks by leaving immediately,its not worth it

Diane Said:

Could I Do It..?

We Answered:

if you had a chance in hell it would have to be co-signed even then the bank will require full coverage insurance and your intrest rate would be insane

take your 6 grand and build somthing

Keith Said:

Big Debt and Housing problem, what should I do?

We Answered:

Be thankful to your girlfriend's family, treat them extra nice, do whatever you must to bring in the money, and resolve that when you graduate and you're doing well, you'll return their generosity. I know it's hard, I'm not fairing much better, but these days, it may be the best you can do. I'm praying for you, brother.

Sam Said:

Can someone help with 1997 Plymouth Neon Diagnostic readout!!?

We Answered:

The E.G.R. selenoid is bad. it is attached to the E.G.R. valve by a hose on the drivers side of the head. Chrysler does not sell it separately. It is sold as part of the E.G.R. assembly.

Leslie Said:

Question about my car...?

We Answered:

Perfectly safe to drive. If you live in an area that does roadside Emissions testing that is a legal issue. E.G.R. (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is a component of the vehicle emissions system and will do no immediate harm to the engine. The corrective measures are usually beond the novice mechanics ability as most likely the orifices in the intake are partially clogged throwing off the reading. That has been the problem in 99.9 % of the vehicles I have worked on.

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