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Student Jobs In Pta

Clifton Said:

I am a Radiology Technologist and also graduated as a PTA? I am finding the RT job market to be poor.?

We Answered:

Where do you live? It may be your area, because here in the Seattle area, there are lots of jobs...more than they can fill, from what I understand. You might consider looking in different locations in the country. Good luck to you.

Gordon Said:

Should all Holidays be celebrated in schools, or NONE?

We Answered:

Funny how Christians seem to be the only ones who want to shove their "religious" traditions down our throats.
This country ain't what it was a hundred years ago, and we have representatives of virtually every faith (or no faith at all) presently living here. The area I live in in SE Michigan has a large Muslim and Hindu population. Since childhood is a time of wishing to be intensely conformative, I see no reason whatever to go out of our collective ways to make certain kids feel left out. And since religion is intensely personal, it should be practiced at's for education, for Christ's sake.
I see no need to celebrate religious holidays at school. Since this is the U.S., we should celebrate national holidays (like Thanksgiving) and no more, though certain holidays such as Hallowe'en have become secular in nature and perhaps could also be included.
And those rah-rah red-white-and-blue God bless 'Murka parents should be ashamed of themselves.

George Said:

PT or PTA....Sports Manager Looking to Switch Paths?

We Answered:

I work in a physical therapy clinic, so I can't give you first-hand knowledge/experience, but I will tell you what I know! :)

Master's degrees for Physical Therapy are being phased out and now Doctorate's are what's most prevalent. That is a lot of schooling and work for an avg salary of 70k. Not that that's a bad salary if it's what you love to do, but if you are unsure I would definitely look into Physical Therapy Assisting.

The Assistants are completely hands-on & independent with the patients, they are just under the supervision/guidance of the PT. Also, they are not able to perform Patient Evaluations, create treatment plans, and some other procedures similar to those. But beyond that, they work with patients performing manual therapy, ultrasound, helping with exercises, etc. They typically make about $40-45k per year.

Eileen Said:

Getting a Job in a Hospital while still a Nursing Student?

We Answered:

Knowing that you are almost finished with your nursing program, hospitals usually have positions for nursing students and then when you graduate they will offer you a permanent position. Most hospitals will only accept online resumes.
Check your local hospitals online for their careers and openings and submit your resume with your current school standings on it.

Good luck

Ramona Said:

What jobs are out there w/decent pay, requiring little experience?

We Answered:

Restaurants as a server helped me. The pay is low but you get the most of your money from tips. I would get from $80 to $180 a day working in the evenings Wed - Sun sometimes more.
Holidays are the busiest days and you can get even more. The down side of it, for me at least is the time. You get home late and wake up early for school and weekends you can't really go out. I don't know how other can do it, but that part sucks.

hope it helps

Thinking that you have lil to no experience at beginning always sucks because you struggle to get used to it. That was me at least.

Evelyn Said:

Should I become a Physical Therapist Assistant or a Physical Education (k-12) teacher?

We Answered:

PE teacher!!!! Less stress or work & more fun!!!!!

Lorraine Said:

Can I get into an Ivy?

We Answered:

if you can score a 2200+ on your SAT or a 32+ on your ACT, you will certainly have a shot. sorry about all your troubles.

i would apply to cornell, dartmouth, brown, columbia (these ivies), emory, vanderbilt, northwestern, and tufts. make sure you have some safeties. best of luck

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Mandla said:

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