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Student Jobs In San Diego

Glen Said:

What would be a good job for a college student in San Diego?

We Answered:

Medical cannabis industry hands down, true story.

Bernice Said:

What are some colleges or universities for a 2.5 gpa high school student in san diego or close to san diego?

We Answered:

It's going to be hard for you to get into a very good school, especially since it's the end of your Junior year and you haven't even taken your SAT/ACT yet. . . and you cannot get a real assessment of which schools will accept you if you don't have test scores. Take the test as soon as you can.

Additionally, when it does come time to apply to schools, make sure you have someone helping you with your essays--not writing them for you, but helping you with spelling and grammar. Your recommendations and extra-curriculars will also help you, but only so much.

The above posters are correct--a stint at a 2-year college will help you mature as a student, and if you do well, you can transfer to a better college--even a UC. If you are determined to go straight to a four-year school, look at some of the lesser Cal States. San Diego State is probably not an option for you. Good luck.

Carla Said:

Any suggestions on jobs that pay decent in San Diego while going to school full time?

We Answered:

A good bartender in a nice club can make loads of money (tips).
I've tried to talk my son into this as he goes thru school.

Philip Said:

Recommendations for a summer job in San Diego?

We Answered:

You could own your own franchise! I make good money and I do it from the college campus. Check out my website and watch the business overview. Let me know if you are interested and I would love to add you as a manager!

Jill Said:

What is it like living in San Diego?

We Answered:

Finding a job is hard anywhere, these days.

Coronado is expensive. Traffic sucks and we have very little effective public transportation - but there is a trolley through SDSU. City Heights is a bad area. Lemon Grove, La Mesa and El Cajon are nicer areas. Clairemont Mesa, Kearny Mesa are nice. If price is no object, La Jolla is real nice.

Kyle Said:

jobs for the High School students in the San Diego,CA?

We Answered:

I would check the theme parks- the Zoo, Sea World, ect. They always need teenagers and should work around school hours too.

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