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Student Jobs In South Africa

Stacey Said:

UC application essay on South Africa, please READ and CRITIQUE!?

We Answered:

Besides some grammatical issues, which you mentioned you had already noticed, I think it is a decent essay. It is very straightforward in the sense that it answers the prompt pretty directly, but sometimes that is not a bad thing. One question I would have as an admissions officer, (since I assume this is being sent to the UC system?), is why you mention MIT. I think the focus should be on a UC campus like Berkeley or San Diego or LA since that is who this essay will be sent to. They want to know that you will be a candidate who is dedicated to becoming a part of the UC system, regardless of what campus it is you want.

Unfortunately there is no shoo-in topic to write about, but I feel you have done a pretty good job of describing an experience that was important and striking in your life. Good luck!

Dean Said:

living in south africa and working as a software engineer?

We Answered:

My personal opinion would be that you should ideally finish your IT masters in the US rather than in SA - that way you have more international options. Most places give additional training to their employees when they start so that they can some specialised knowledge for any particular field.
Unfortunately, at the moment the IT industry is relatively saturated so you'd have to have a rather obscure specialisation (ie: mainframe programming) to really stand out from the crowd. Luckily for you though, being Indian you could benefit from the BEE system we have in place which puts you closer to the top of the list for when companies are hiring.

You should be fine here and have a great time. The crime can be a small worry if you're not familiar with an area or you stop paying attention to whats going on around you.

Violet Said:

South African in the US on a student visa(F1).How can I let my wife(qualified teacher) come over and work?

We Answered:

She needs to find an employer who will hire her and then the school would apply for a work visa for her.

However to gain a H1B visa the school would have to prove that they could not get an American to do that teaching position, (you are not allowed to take a job away from an American - visa rules) so I would think it would be highly unlikely she would granted a work visa as a teacher in a regular school

Andre Said:

Is it possible for a female college student in Africa to apply and get a job in the FBI (BAU) after graduation?

We Answered:

No Never will happen

Kyle Said:

What is the best investment opportunity in South Africa? ?

We Answered:

The only thing in SA I'd invest in are those cool anit carjacking devices that torch the perp. Investing is SA is stupid unless you live there and know what is working and what is not.

Connie Said:

how can i get a job in South Africa? i am an Information Technology student?

We Answered:


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