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Student Jobs In Southampton

Hazel Said:

aeronautical engineering?

We Answered:

there are many jobs for lockheed martin, and bae and boeing etc. and seeing as you love the subject you should just do it, if you r end up not liking it then you can just change course.

Zachary Said:

What can I do about a bad A2 grade?

We Answered:

Ok. First things first. They may still consider you even if you miss the grades. Some uni's do, some don't. It's worth giving them a call to ask them about this, they should be able to give you an idea.

You can ask if they will release you into clearing so you can look for another place elsewhere, if you really want to go this year and are not worried about where.

If Soton's where your heart is and you don't get in. You can make a new application for next year, speak to your college about returning to improve this grade. You would be re-interviewed and go through the admissions process again. It is worth contacting them to see if re-applying would affect your application. It varies from Uni to Uni.

If you didn't get into Uni for September 2010, you would need to let them know, they will confirm this with the Uni. You would re-apply next year.

Lisa Said:

Desperately looking for a job, can anyone suggest more places to look?

We Answered:

Most all retail stores are looking for seasonal help. Try the mall, or any place you can imagine people Christmas shopping. Wal-Mart, even feed stores (for farmers) and western-wear stores. ANYPLACE people shop. If you are not getting hired.....consider your appearance. Are you asking to represent a business with a pierced face, blue spiked hair, sagging pants with a couple of chains hanging off them?? You might think that is cool....but managers see that as a problem they don't need.

Everett Said:

Is it possible for a student with an aggressive mohican/Mohawk to get part-time work whilst at uni?

We Answered:

Even with warehouse work they will be skeptical. Personally I'd hire someone with a mohawk because it doesn't bother me, but they'll probably think its sketchy or rebellious, and thats not the kind of person they want to work for them.

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