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Student Jobs In Swansea

Felix Said:

whats working like Avon like please?

We Answered:

basically what u put in is what u get out !
when u sign up to be an avon rep it will cost you £15, this is split into 2 payments and added to you total of your first 2 campaign orders. You will be given 15 brochures free to get you started and a pack of order forms, the rest you have to buy. this iscludes paper/plastic bags, book bags, calling book, returns book ( are free ) , samples start at 10p each, i get mine in bundles from ebay!! you need to geet tryingto get new customers and you dont earn anything until you sell over £78 of stuff each order, u then get 12 % of anythingover that, the more u sell it goes up.

if u have the time and the gab to sell its the perfect job, u gota keep at it!

ive been avon rep for 3 yrs now, but only friends n family customers so i rarely make much lol

u have to declare it to the tax office aswell because your classed as self employed

Edward Said:

How to find a job in UK?

We Answered:

You're not allowed to work in the UK unless you have national insurance number, this to start with, also your chances later on to get a job is very little as you just passed your GCSEs, you need to further your education to stand a much better chance to get a job

Randall Said:

I have some questions regarding an American student attending college in Swansea?

We Answered:

yes those fees can generally be taken care of by loan

help? -> perfect college applicant?;…

Sara Said:

Where's a good place to move away to in the UK?

We Answered:

how about Nottingham, loads of jobs around & stuff to do in the evenings
or stoke on trent, not got the hustle & bustle of notts & still plenty to do, also loads of countryside.
I have lived in both these places (and milford haven) so know what it's like

Nora Said:

How to find a job in UK?

We Answered:

Get a National Insurance number provided you are entitled to work according to your immigration status. The link below tells you how.…

Victor Said:

looking for a well payed active job South Wales, neath, Swanse, Brigend, port talbot or cardiff?

We Answered:

All CV's look awful on Yahoo! Answers thanks to formatting, but the order on this one is at best "strange" and at worst "poor."

What do you want to do next? Where do you see yourself in 3 or 5 years time? ASDAN/COPE is basically a qualification to teenagers into higher education, which is the route you have so far chosen/been pushed down. But the framing of your question suggests that you want to do something active and work like now over another phase of education?

The level and grade of qualifications suggest a thinker in there somewhere, my only explanation presently for ICT at D and Systems and Control at C.

I would look at the big employers for an apprenticeship scheme, including internationals like Corus and Ford, and locals including Brains Brewery. The smaller guys could offer you work, but what happens in three years time when you fancy moving on? Who has ever heard of XYZ and Co, it will be the college qualification that you get alongside them that will count then.

I suggest you sit down with three sheets of paper. label one NOW, and write down everything you offer an employer now. Label one FUTURE, and sketch in words and drawings how you see your life in 3 to 5 years: yes, includes kids and family, if appropriate. Then draw a plan between the two. Chat it through with a few good friends and family that you can wholly trust, and take their advice.

Good Luck!

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