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Student Jobs In Vancouver

Roberto Said:

Do I need to have a working visa to do a volunteer job in Vancouver?

We Answered:

If you get paid (in any fashion, including free drinks or food) then the answer is no.

If you are truly volunteering ... then yes, you can do so without a work visa.

However, you cannot then use that experience to leapfrog you on your way toward a job later. It basically is just a means for you to pass the time when you're not studying ... like taking a walk in the park.

Virginia Said:

Cost of life better in Vancouver or Montreal?

We Answered:

Even with the current downturn, housing in Vancouver is still expensive compared with Montreal.
Immigration, primarily from Asia, keeps prices high and availability at a scarcity.
Again, with the downturn in the economy, hiring of part-time workers is a good question.
If you currently live in Montreal, I would stay. For one reason Montreal is not a 'city' of the likes of many other cities in North America. Montreal is for the most part a string of historic villages (which are now neighbourhood subdivisions). People living in smaller places are better known to those around them and the opposite is true. It should be easier to network into a position in Montreal, therefore, than in Vancouver.

Benjamin Said:

how can i find part time job in north vancouver?

We Answered:

Please make sure that your international student visa ALLOWS you to work first. If not, then don't risk it.. and your employer won't risk it either.

However, if you must, you might be able to get odd jobs here and there.. like offering to do gardening or housework... but it might be hard if people ask for references and bonds.

Clyde Said:

How does Hire-A-Student work in Vancouver, Canada?

We Answered:

All the info is right here for you:

Supporting Students, Serving Communities
A Tool for Employers
Lighten your workload this summer.
Let us help you hire a student!

Each year, Service Canada helps employers find students to fill summer positions. As an employer, you can get quick access to students ready to put their skills to work for you by contacting one of the more than 300 Service Canada Centres across Canada.Whatever the job—big or small, short or longer term—we can help you fill it by posting a job notice where students and youth will see it on our virtual job banks and in our centres. Our services benefit your business or organization by helping you get dynamic and enthusiastic summer help.

Joan Said:

Can i apply for a grant i need money to pay off my car 25 non college student with no debet in between jobs.?

We Answered:

not a chance. grants are for college or to start a business, not pay your debts, especially if you're leaving the country, silly.

Jeanette Said:

Finding a summer job in Vancouver?

We Answered:

Check out some of the malls or go downtown and just start handing out resumes because theres a lot of shops that are related to nutrition

Bertha Said:

Student in Vancouver, BC needs a job?

We Answered:

Here are jobs I have found prepared people very well for later in their lives:
1) Believe it or not, McDonalds.
2) Working in a library.
3) Working for city recreation departments

Number 1 is easy, you just go into the nearest McDonalds and ask for an application. Make sure you are neat and clean. They'll hire you if they have an opening. Make it clear you want to become a shift supervisor and get in their management program - I've known many who have really benefitted from it.

Number 2 is harder - you might have to volunteer at the local library, but ask if they have paid pages. Once you become a college student, your very first action should be to go to the library and see about being hired on as a student worker. This will so benefit you through your college career, you won't believe it. The majority of people who start college never finish, but it's a rare student worker in the library who doe not.

The last one depends so much upon where you live. Not knowing that, I don't know what the possibilities are, and if you are not particularly athletic, it may not appeal to you.

Whatever path you choose, you do, indeed, as the first poster says, have to get out and make an effort. I encourage you to do so - you'll probably enjoy the job once you find it.

Good luck!

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