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Anthony Said:

as an over 18 yr old student, do i have the right to hide my grades to my parents in canada?

We Answered:

Do you have a right? Depends on how you define 'right'. Nothing in law forces you to disclose your grades, so in that sense, sure you have a right. However, nothing in law protects a choice not to disclose your grades to your parents.

In other words, if they require it as, say, a condition of continuing to let you live in their home...well, they'd be entitled to do so.

ETA: You're actually on title to the house? And it isn't a trust arrangement - i.e. you actually paid for it? (Yes, that's likely important.) Well, even in that case, it's still possible for the folks to initiate partition proceedings to sell the house and divide the assets, but that's far less likely.

If you don't really *need* your parents, then the main risk you'd be running if both sides pressed the issue is alienation of your folks, with whatever consequences that carries for you.

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