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Student Jobs Ireland

Jean Said:

Can you suggest any websites to find jobs in Ireland?

We Answered:

Don Said:

Are working student or job positions with horses in Ireland common?

We Answered:

i'm living in ireland and have found, when i've gone visiting people and on week ends away that the best place for what you're looking for is in places like connemara. in connemara there is an endless amount of trekking centers, doing treks in bothy the connemara mountains and on beaches, most of these places are small, with maybe 14 horses and do daily treks during peak times.
also it may be possible to get a job exercising race horses, there's plenty of racing stables in ireland. as well as studs (connemara pony studs and thoroughbreds).
there is lots of hunting in ireland as well so you may be able to get a job working at the kennels,walking the hounds and riding out with them, and in the non-hunting season the hunters still need to be ridden so it would be possible to get a job at a hunting stables.
some useful links-

association of irish riding establishments

hunting association of ireland

discover thing about every thing in ireland)…

hope this helps, i tried to find a bit of every thing for every time of the year!

Dianne Said:

How can a US Citizen, non-student, work in Ireland?

We Answered:

You need to get a job offer first, then that company needs to show that they couldn't find an EU citizen able to do the job. Then you apply for a visa. The company will advise you on the proceedure.

Its hard and slow and only possible if you have special skills.

The UK is a lot easier and you can work in Northern Ireland with a UK work permit.

Pamela Said:

Can student visa be converted to work visa while studying in Ireland if I get job offer in middle of studies?

We Answered:

Hi guys,

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Terry Said:

student jobs? Ireland?

We Answered:

supermarkets hire under age ppl

Bill Said:

How to get a student job in England or Ireland?

We Answered:

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