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Student Jobs Johannesburg

Brittany Said:

What is better: Business or Job?

We Answered:

1. Job - You work for an employer. You earn income by selling your limited time. You’re overtaxed by the government. You may however acquire valuable skills and receive access to affordable health insurance.
2. Self-Employment - You own your job and must work very hard. You receive tax breaks but still earn your income by selling your limited time. You pay in full for your health insurance. You have some autonomy but must nevertheless satisfy your clients’ demands.
3. Business - You own a system, and you leverage other people’s time and various resources at your disposal such as the Internet. You work hard, but you essentially earn your income by selling other people’s time. Since you’re not selling your limited time, your income potential is unlimited. Many types of business are very risky, but there are others that are not very risky at all. Businesses have many tax advantages.
4. Investing - You own assets that are called investments. You earn income from these investments. Knowledgeable investors use insurance such as stock options to manage and eliminate the risk of investing. They also achieve the most favorable tax treatment for their income.

Oscar Said:

Can you tell me about Monash University SA and johannesburg?

We Answered:

Monash has an excellent campus, and they're just completing additional student residences which are already starting to look like a township, having laundry hung all over the balconies and on window frames.
Johannesburg is a quagmire of crime and corruption - half the cops are corrupt and the other half are damn stupid and are unable to spell simple words such as 'stop'. If I were you, I wouldn't bother as contrary to popular belief, this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

Don't take my word for it. Explore the following link and once you have follow the links that are available on that page for uncensored reporting of crime.

In a nutshell, go to any one of the other Monash campuses around the globe, being a 3rd generation irishman , yep, not an Afrikaner, I can tell you that SA is following on Zimbabwe's heels, rather rapidly and there's not a thing we can do about it.......

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Paket Pulau Pari said:

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Pulau Pari said:

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