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Student Jobs Kent

Adam Said:

I'm an unemployed pre-med student living in Alliance, Ohio, and I'm interested in becoming a nurse's aide...?

We Answered:

Here is a program offered at the Red Cross. It doesn't say the price, but since it is a non-profit, it is probably the cheapest you will find. It says on their website that they offer financial assistance.

The only complaint I have heard of the Red Cross CNA courses is that it moved overwhelmingly fast for a lay person. Since you presumably have some background in this area from your studies, it shouldn't be a problem for you.

Tracy Said:

Do you think we live in a kinder gentler nation because Kent state 4 dead; John Kerry one tasered?

We Answered:

the answer to this question is simple,

we the people need to live independent of republicans and democrats and take care of ourselves

the ultra rich are now buying politicans - they get together as a group and go buy one,

its this lobbyst politican aristocracy that robs us every april 15

dont be fooled

take your life into your own hands

Marsha Said:


We Answered:

According to the Times Good University Guide, Kent is tied for #16, and Cardiff is #18 (there is no #17 because of the tie at 16, so the two universities are ranked right next to each other in Law).

Justin Said:

Im looking for a glass blowing apprenticeship for this summer.?

We Answered:

Nearly impossible. You should have better connections at Kent State than almost anyone here.
If I were to pick two places I wanted to be for a summer to have opportunities to see a variety of glass workers, I would pick the area around Asheville/Penland NC or the area around Seattle. Whether there are any opportunities for summer work is another question.

Glenn Said:

Jobs helping people with disabilities?

We Answered:

Do you have rehabilitation centers in your area? Also do a search on non-profits (they have paid positions as well). Check with churches and see if they are aware of anything - they usually know more than you think they would about who needs what. Good luck.

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