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Student Jobs Liverpool

Greg Said:

Can we afford to rent this flat?

We Answered:

well your combined wage is £1500 per month with everything taken off including rent leaves you with £960 per month to cover bills and food.

i don't think your council tax is reduced because your students, only if your living on your own does the bill get 25% off, otherwise its full tax, but for a one bedroom flat i cannot see it, even at full rate being that high.

check also about your water as sometimes having water included in your rent may sound good but sometimes you can only be allowed a certain amount each month so look into this thoroughly before signing any contracts

Wade Said:

Career in IT?

We Answered:

there are some companies that provide in-job training but not many and the ones that do are hard to get into. best to get a qualification from computeach or something.

Angela Said:

does anyone know of any local extra work or voice overs and so on?

We Answered:

U stolez my name D:

Scott Said:

how can i make money during the 2 week easter holidays?

We Answered:

clean the house for money
clean cars - put leaflets through neighbors doors about washing cars or doing gardening and put a reasonable price in, not too high and not too low

walking peoples dogs (also use the leaflet idea)
Ebay is good for clearing out stuff and earning money with people bidding on it, making it possibly go higher (did it myself and made alot)

car boot sale
and a local website called *where u live*

Georgia Said:

Should I accept that wage and job?

We Answered:

keep looking til u find the 1 that very satisfy u! tell the company t let u think for about a week b4 accepting their offered n on that time, u find other jobs 1st! (thats wat iam doing now!)

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