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Student Jobs London Ontario

Lori Said:

Is the Ontario/Canadian job market weak for summer students too?

We Answered:

You could say that this is YOUR introduction to the real world of work.

When full time employees are not working, and many large companies are closing down, the part time and summer positions are going to go to adults who have kids to feed and provide shelter for. Many people with families are trying to keep their heads above water, and the employers know that, and are hiring people who really NEED that job.

I'm old enough to be able to point to a recession about every 10 to 15 years during my life time ( I'm 63 ) and I have lived thru them all.

So will you, but you may have to change your education plan, and find a paying job for a couple of years, work full time and SAVE your money, and then continue to pursue that degree. Remember that the majority of Canadian adults DO NOT have a University degree. And they are being hit just as hard as any one else.

Jim B. Toronto.

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