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Student Jobs Montreal

Dora Said:

Can she obtain her student visa and emigrate to Canada?

We Answered:

The course starts in May 2007? As in just over a month? She's not getting that visa before then. Does she speak French? Assuming she does, then she should be able to find employment in Montreal, but Quebec is the most xenophobic Canadian province, and she should be prepared for that. I don't know about job offers, but if she applies for jobs she may be in luck. Canada is a nation of immigrants after all. You said you told her life isn't easy for immigrants? Not very helpful there buddy. It'll be much easier if she can speak the language. If she does, it won't be that difficult really. Once she has her visa, finding a place to live and afterwards a job should't be too hard at all! The only real pain in the butt will be the paperwork processing. Good luck to her.

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