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Student Jobs Northampton

Ana Said:

I would like to go for MBA in UK.?

We Answered:

derby is not such a bad university but good universities will ask for GMAT, like Manchester . So universities which you can look at (normally people go from india)
University of Wales and London South Bank University, it might be easier to get into wales and you may get a scholorship also.

there is a cheaper alternative London school of commerce( it is similar to these second grade unis ) and fee is only £6450 so there you go....( from University of wales , cardiff)

Linda Said:

Roommates,Landlords and Jobs from hell (why) should students have to be subjected to this treatment?

We Answered:

It's not just students that are getting treated badly. Employers and landlords have us all over the barrel right now. Roommates rarely work out as anything but temporary. Keep your bedroom door locked when you're not there.

If you're on a lease, your landlord has to give you sufficient notice about raising your rent, and it's supposed to be written in your lease. If you're on month-to-month, you're at their mercy because they can go up to pretty much whatever they want any time they like.

There are a lot of employees who work in diapers because their employers won't allow them bathroom breaks when they need them. These employers have set break times, and that's the only time employees are allowed to walk away from their jobs. It's awful.

Good luck.

Byron Said:

Moving location, jobs, all in the UK. any advice?

We Answered:

london earns a lot of money

Ralph Said:

Smith or Barnard??? ?

We Answered:

Smith and Barnard have very different personalities, and feel entirely different. Which is logical, when you consider their locations.

You asked about Smith. Smith is right in the center of Northampton, which is an extremely funky and fun little city in western Mass. There is a ton to do there, both on campus and off, and Smith students frequently take the bus down to events at the other colleges in the Five College system, like UMass, and students from the other colleges are frequently found in Northampton, so there's a good mix.

Smith has a very strong academic reputation. It's one of the top 20 liberal arts colleges in the US, and it ranks above Barnard. Their career and internship office has a significant number of job and internship listings - in fact, students from some of the other area colleges sometimes go there to use them (I did.) You can also contact companies directly for both jobs and internships, and Smith's strong reputation will certainly help you out there. Likewise with grad school - Smith is strong, and if you do well, grad schools should smile upon you.

Smith has a very, very pretty campus. Their dining halls are also really cool. It's small but not too small, and it has access to the facilities at the other unis. So while no, Rhianna or Metallica (or whatever big act) may not play Smith, you can catch them at UMass, because students really do use the resources of the other colleges.

If you haven't done a campus tour yet, you really need to see the place. While you're there, spend some time walking through Northampton as well, if for no other reason than because it's so fun.

Shirley Said:

How can I help from my school get more money?

We Answered:

bake sale, car wash, fundraiser, make blankets and sell them (that was fun) anything like that would work out or just go around holdong a sign that says "SAVE OUR SCHOOL BY DONATING" and hold a jar to put money in

Patricia Said:

Nursing school at age 30 (financial aid)?

We Answered:

A number of hospitals will pay for nursing school provided you sign an agreement to work for them for 2 years after you get your RN. Ask the personnel offices of the hospitals or the financial aid office at the nursing school.

Deborah Said:

Moving location, jobs, all in the UK. any advice?

We Answered:

You both need jobs to go to before you move. Head home, pick up all the local papers and contact every recruitment agent in the area.

Reading between the lines, are you sure Laura wants to move?

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