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Teresa Said:

Been accepted into Uni! Now, I'm scared! What should I do?

We Answered:

I would have ask them whether creative writing was included. You should speak with a counselor. The dean of students can probably help you address your concerns about campus life. Loneliness is a problem for first-year students, but it's an extremely common one until you get into a groove. It's not as if you're unusual in that respect.

Making friends is nice, but it's OK to be shy too. You're doing this (I assume) so that you can support yourself in a field that interests you. Don't take your eye off the ball. But one good way to make friends is to ask your fellow students for help when you're genuinely stuck, and to help others in return when you can. If you're a good person, the right people will know that. You sound pretty nice.

Of course the school says you have to be creative. Well, they're not gonna say "We want people with no creativity whatsoever." Who would want to go there? People discover their creativity as they go along, and it's a lifelong process, not a black/white, either-you-have-it-or-you-don't-thing.

Everyone has SOME creativity. You were good enough to get in. Whether they mean it's a high-pressure school (like Juilliard) is something you will have to ask them about.

I have 4 degrees (I'm old) and I am fairly well educated in literature, law, business and accounting. But I would be completely helpless if someone told me to sit down and make a Sims video for Youtube (I've seen some of them, and I'm bowled over at how good most of them are!) I consider myself lucky when I can read the code I have to type in to

post a comment. The most I could ever get my Second Life character to do was fly around (which was actually fun, since I would like to fly. But don't think I didn't notice the sneers from the other SecondLife denizens on my screen!)

I beg you: give yourself a chance. You got in. You deserve to give yourself that chance, especially if you're young.

This is an opportunity. Ask some questions and then make your decision. And congratulations on being accepted! That is so exciting.

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