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Student Jobs Nz

Casey Said:

Will I get a job in NZ based on my qualification?

We Answered:

Im a kiwi
so yea you should get in
if you wana work in nz after 2 years apply for a pernament residence.
it will be eaisr to get a job

Lori Said:

Hello folks Does anyone have any tips or hints about any jobs in Darwin at the moment?

We Answered:

all you can do is put your resume around and hope that someone will give you a chance

Duane Said:

Part time jobs in Australia and New Zealand?

We Answered:

You wouldn't be able to support yourself probably just by working 20 hours a week in Australia or New Zealand. The pay rates vary from $10hr to $20hr for basic jobs depending on your experience. Such as retail, hospotality, cleaning etc. Check out the websites below to get some idea...

Jennifer Said:

How is Living In Hamilton, NZ as A student?

We Answered:

The cost of living in Hamilton is consideribly less then living in Sydney as it isn't a main city, or really a place anyone wants to go to. Their are plenty of museums on newzealand history and newzealand natives (Maori's). The biggest been Ta Pa Pa in Wellington.
I don't think theres any "hiphop night clubs" but their are many night clubs, yes. You'll find one that suits your needs, our drinking age is also lower - 18.
The people in nz are very friendly because unlike australia were still a very 'small' community like country. Many foods you get anywhere in the world you can get in nz, we have native foods. You may like to try a "Hungi". Of course you can get a part time job, as you could in any country with the right student visa. Females are females, theres the great, the good and the.. less great.. You'll find accomodation very cheap here with renting, go have a look at and take a look at the housing and renting section for an idea on pricing. You'll also get a student loan, so the cost of been a student here isn't so bad. Best of luck

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Pulau Seribu said:

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