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Student Jobs Ontario

Daniel Said:

Help, student looking for a job!(toronto, ontario)?

We Answered:

I can;t think of anything that pays cash anymore unless it's casual work. Even then it's more than likely going to be by cheque. The employer wants to be able to claim the grant they can get for hiring students so it's very inlikely you will find anything at all.

Believe it or not places like McDonalds are great places for students to work. You can even get scholarships if you work hard at school and in the workplace. My son started with them at 15. He's still with them now as a manager and earning a really good wage plus benifits. They let you work as and when avaliable. He even has his own business that he runs on weekends with their co-operation.Payment is bi-weekly cheques.

Open an bank account and then there is no issue.

Hope you find something soon.

Felicia Said:

Jobs for teens in Ottawa Ontario?

We Answered:

The children's museum offers you a government plan: 13$/h or if youve have done volunteering there before its 15.50$/h . its really fun to work with kids. + you get the the whole civilisation museum and the war museum for free and get 10% of the cafeteria and shops

Michele Said:

As a PhD student in Ontario, do I need a job offer as eligibility for getting fast-tracked for Canadian PR?

We Answered:

As per the new rules by Canadian immigration, those having earned their PhDs from any Ontario university will get fast-tracked for PR (permanent residence) status. The rules are part of the ‘Open Ontario’ plan of Ontario and aim to bring an increase of nearly 50 percent in the international student enrolments in the coming five years.

Hence you do not need any job offer

Tammy Said:

Will I be able to get Student Welfare in Ontario?

We Answered:

Getting student welfare isn't all that easy unfortunately. If your parents are able to take care and are not abusive they are on the hook until you are 18.

Student will only provide you with rent, food and about $200 / mo for all your other expenses which is very modest.

I would contact social services or even call kids help phone to point you in the right direction to see which services are available to you and what your best option is.

Andrew Said:

What are good job websites? Need a job in mississauga ontario?

We Answered:

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