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Student Jobs Oxford

Theodore Said:

Do I need to take a language at GCSE to get into higher universities or better jobs?

We Answered:

A language at GCSE is COMPULSORY, along with English, Maths, Science and IT.

Lloyd Said:

Why is it that sometimes you get rejected for something when your application is pretty much perfect?

We Answered:

well sometimes it's not how you fill out the application.lets just say you filled out the application and it was marvelous and they didn't accept you because they might of all ready found someone for the job so you just got to keep applying and they will know that you want the job so much that they might accept you!
~hope i helped!!~

Theodore Said:

The TRUTH about Job searching! (long question)?

We Answered:

I'm in exactly the same situation. I graduated last year and have been on the dole ever since. What's more, I'm older than the average graduate (30 this week) so I had a good nine years in the 'real world' before deciding to do a degree, which I did because I wanted a job in that field (environment), and that doesn't help at all. It's a nightmare and not at all where I envisaged myself being at 30. Finding work is all but impossible in the field I want, or even in a loosely related one. If I might add my own little notes to those you've done:

1) The jobcentre are utterly, without exception, f***ing useless. They make NO effort to help, and when you do need help they hinder you. Example of this, the one interview I've had I booked an appointment to get a travel voucher as it was 45 miles away and when I got there the woman spent an hour telling me stuff I knew, acted surprised when I said I was there to get a travel voucher. Then the 'system' changed my signing day from the following week to the following day, which was the day before my interview, so I had to waste 2 hours going to sign on that I wanted to spend preparing for the interview. They don't care, they don't even pretend to care, they don't even know what help is available and it angers me that public money is spent paying these morons.

2) Experience is pretty much irrelevant. I applied for a job at the environment agency for an inbound customer service role. I gained a lot of customer service experience before going to uni and I've a 2:1 in environmental biogeoscience (and my dissertation was published). Didn't even get an interview. Everything else I've applied for I've had emails back saying 'we had 65+ applicants for this role, all of which had a related degree...' Which brings me to point 3.

3) A degree is worthless. The system has been created to up the statistics so that young people are trained for 2 years to pass A levels, then go on to uni to get a degree, which isn't as hard as I think it should be. The result is a labour market saturated with graduates, and of course if you saturate a market with anything, the value of it decreases. I spent 4 years of my life and over £20K of borrowed (taxpayer) money to get mine. Was it worth it? No, not at all. I'm back exactly where I was 4 years ago, but with more debt.

The only thing I've got going for me now is that I've finally finished a book I've been writing for 8 years. I'm going to try and get it published but I'm well aware of the chances of that happening and it's frustrating that the only thing on the horizon for me is something with such a minuscule chance of actually working out. I've also started looking at shop jobs which is what I was doing five years ago, has no chance of a career coming from it and frankly is a waste of my intellect.

Harry Said:

Is Airline Pilot jobs in India the same quality to the UK....?

We Answered:

First , Congrats For Oxford School :) its the best in the world :)
, for your question , there are so many opportunities in India for airline pilots , more than those in UK , and after you graduate , you will be a qualified pilot so airlines will be pleased by hiring you :) ,
Good Luck with your study , happy landings ;)

Joseph Said:

Can the prestigious university accept a rebounding (former slacker) non-traditional student?

We Answered:

If you have a bachelor's degree, then what happened in high school doesn't matter because you're applying for graduate school. The only thing that matters is your GPA in undergrad, your GRE, your recommendations, and your statement of purpose. All applicants for graduate school are viewed the same way. It helps if you have some research background in your undergraduate experience, but great recommendations can outweigh your lack of experience. Good luck!

Esther Said:

Do you know where can we get more information about drug treatment programs in Oxford, Maine.?

We Answered:

That's a wonderful goal! I hope more responsible teachers can engage themselves on such endeavors. By the way, I've looked up for some links that can help you start your advocacy. I hope this small deed of mine can help you in your campaign.

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