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Student Jobs Perth

Teresa Said:

job problem in perth for student?

We Answered:

It's hard for everyone to find casual employment. (assuming you are talking about casual and not part time)

One technique that I think is the only way to get employed fast is by actually knowing the manager or someone already working there in a high position within the company. That way they can give you inside information and easily let you know about job vacancies.

If not, you just keep trying and go around the city or a large shopping centre and hand out your resume to them. Out of the 50 or so shops, at least one will be interested right?

Alternatively, if you don't mind doing a bit of unpaid volunteer work, that is also a good option. At some point in your life, most people would need to do some kind of volunteer work. Either on-going or one-off. It looks better on your resume than doing paid work anyway.
Volunteer work opportunities are always there and so much easier to find than paid jobs. The times are always very flexible and they need people no matter how bad or good the economy is.

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