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Student Jobs Portsmouth

Mitchell Said:

how do u get a job if u re a student and live in a place like portsmouth(UK). does any onw have any clue?

We Answered:

Depends on your visa. If your visa is student only and you are not allowed to work...then you don't.

If you are not on a visa..there are hundreds of ways of looking for a job. Online is a good place to start. The local newspaper will have a classified section. Walk down high street. You might see a shop with a help wanted sign. Try Jobseekers plus. Monster (online website) can help. Also try your local gov website. They offer jobs as well. The local college/university might also have a board with listings.

Good luck

Louis Said:

why do i feel bad about quitting uni?

We Answered:

Life always carries with it "what if" situations and these can stay with us for ages. Things like "what if I had married that person" or "what if I had gone abroad when I had the chance". In your case "what if I had stayed at uni". Don't let it bug you. Life is full of choices and to me it sounds like you made the right one. You enjoy and are fulfilled by what you are doing. Many people would envy that. And your family are supportive - that is a bonus. Possibly you feel as you do because you feel the matter is still open. What I say to myself is "I have made a choice after a lot of thought and I intend to stand by it and see where it takes me." I am 70 next year and am on the Autistic Spectrum so have had to make a number of such choices often to avoid stress. I have had a wonderful life and I really wish you well.

Julio Said:

I need contact information for deaf interpreters around portsmouth NH their may be a job opening?

We Answered:

i will let you know, your school is not advertising for interpreters, so terps dont know portsmouth high school needs interpreters! the school needs to post job opening for terps on online. i will let my interpreters friends know about this problem! good luck

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