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Student Jobs Sheffield

Allen Said:

how can you live in england?

We Answered:

Well there might be away he can extend it to 12 months. On the UK Border Agency website they had this info about extending your stay as a general visitor:…

It mentions if accompanying an academic visitor you can extend it to 12 months however I'm not sure how wide their definition is for academic visitor whether that includes students or is more talking about a professor visiting a Uni for research. Would be best to contact the border agency or embassy directly.

Be aware he will be expected to be able to support himself without working and will need to give proof he can (or that you can assist) and that will be what they think you need to live on not what you think which can be very different.

Geraldine Said:

Which university to choose for MSc?

We Answered:

wow! My field - Electric drives and control systems. I am in Russia now, but Sheffield has the edge in this area over the others. I would advice you to go with univ of Sheffield. Sweden, Finland and Switzerland are the top countries where control system engineering is at its best. sheffield my home town and they lead the others in control system technology (servo drives, robotics, automation and control, etc)...
Your choice....

William Said:

will i be able 2 afford my own place?

We Answered:

I'm not from your area so can't be specific but council tax isn't cheap then there's water, gas, electric about a tenner a fiver a week each food bills all add rent depends on the area too, look in local papers for flats to rent and ask your friends parents to sit down and explain what you could afford to rent
Hope this helps

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Pulau Seribu said:

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