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Student Placement Jobs

Renee Said:

What is a Student Placement?

We Answered:

you bet yeh.....there are student placement

Jacqueline Said:

Does anyone know anygood sites or companys that take students on placement jobs in foriegn countries???

We Answered:

Hi there,

That's a great idea. If you go on to google and type in "gap year" there are loads of sites where students can go to places like Africa for a gap year and work. Some of them are really worthwhile and will give you a sense of achievemnt after you've come home. If it's a business placement you're looking for try and… and see if these help. Good luck!

Hugh Said:

Summer placement jobs?

We Answered:

Go to and type marine in the search bar and a list of companies in that field who is hiring will show up in the search result.

Wayne Said:

How is job placement at Claremont McKenna College?

We Answered:

These two sites should answer the first two questions...……

Is the pay enough to balance the cost of attending the school?
It really depends on how much you have to pay. If UCLA or USC were a few grand cheaper than CMC, then I'd probably choose those schools, whereas if they were all comparable prices (after Financial Aid, of course), I'd definitely pick CMC.

Cody Said:

Is it true that in kiit after placement the companies leave the student after 6-7 months of job?

We Answered:

It all depends upon you. The placements in KIIT are immaculate. One of the best deemed universities in India. If you need help getting into management quota KIIT , we can help you.

If you need help in getting admission into Medical,MBA,Dental or Engg via Management Quota. Just mail in with your requirements,budget and type of course etc. to

Or you can contact us on +91-9035768028

We provide Direct, Management and NRI Seat admissions to students in some of the best Medical ,MBA,Dental and Engg colleges in India.

Good Luck!

Adam Said:

Work placement for a Business Student?

We Answered:

Hello again;

I answered one of your earlier questions.
Basically I went abroad as part of a European Union initiative called the Leonardo da Vinci programme which encourages work placements for young people (this was a few years ago and I don't know if it still exists but it would be easy for you to check). The hard part was that I had to find my own placement. Actually, I found it relatively easy, others had a hard time getting theirs, mainly because they didn't know what they wanted to do and were not focused enough.

I worked in a very well known, global news agency and financial services organisation. I worked in all their departments; journalism/editorial, administration, finance etc for a few months.

Sorry I don't know about the business side of motor sport! If you are serious though approach people in the industry yourself and see what happens(and only you can do this). Next time you go to a motor sports event actually seek people out. Don't be worried about embarrassing yourself. The worst they will say is no. And yes, you will stand a chance. A lot of people don't succeed in getting their dream job because they don't try in the first place.

I've spent years working abroad (Japan,Hong Kong, Cyprus and more), and my main advice would be try staying within the EU if its just a work placement or experience you want, just because its easier in the short term.


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