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Student Summer Jobs Calgary

Jim Said:

St. John's Newfoundland, current job situation, weather and university?

We Answered:

The situation for lower paying jobs, and even for some better paying jobs, is quite good in St. John's. There are Help Wanted signs everywhere. You will have no trouble at all getting a job that should work for you. You will easily be able to get a summer job in the tourism industry for example, or even in another niche if you would prefer. A surprising number of students are able to get jobs on campus, or very close to campus or to where they live during the school year.

It is true that the winters are not as cold as in many other parts of Canada, but don't let that decieve you. They are raw and bitter. The cold is a damp cold and can cut to the bone. I've spent two winters about 800 miles from the north pole, and I find winters in St. John's colder - the combination of damp, cold, wind and little sun is very penetrating. So you have to be prepared to deal with that. Also remember that the sidewalks do not get cleared in the city in the winter, so if you are walking it can be treacherous if there has been a lot of snow. And St. John's often does get a lot of snow.

My first degree is from MUN. Two of my daughters also have degrees from MUN. It is a first rate univeristy, with great quality of life for students and excellent academic standards. I don't think you will be disappointed. And St. John's is a very interesting city. You will find lots to do, and make many friends. People are very outgoing and welcoming. You will quickly feel very much at home, and have a great life there.

So as far as I am concerned, the only down side is the weather. But the warmth of the people quickly outweighs that issue. Enjoy the city and the province.

Everett Said:

St. John's Newfoundland, current job situation, weather and university?

We Answered:

Hey there, I'm from St. John's and went to MUN (albeit a different campus).

Jobs - it is insanely easy to get a minimum wage job in St. John's. The service and retail industry are ALWAYS hiring. I quit my job as a waitress one day, had three job offers the next. MUN also offers quite a few on-campus jobs. Their hours are pretty limited though.

Weather - yes, the weather sucks. There is no such thing as spring. It rains the whole time. The winter's are comparatively mild - around +5 to -5 degrees celsius. But there can be a lot of snow, depending on the year. The summers are unfortunately mild as well. Celebrate any day that goes up to 25!! That being said, St. John's is a really fun vibrant city. It more than makes up for the shitty weather!

MUN - I had great experiences. But my campus was about 1500 students. St. John's has about 20,000 students. That comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages, but no more or less than any other large school. It's a good school, has a decent campus bar, and many societies to get involved with. I'd recommend it!

Hope this helps!

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