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Student Summer Jobs Toronto

Bill Said:

Fellow Canadians in Toronto: Lifeguard Question?

We Answered:

The process to become a lifeguard is not easy. I am a lifeguard myself and I'd just like to say that it would take about at least 3 month to get all your certificates ready.
Now here's the order
1. Bronze Medallion (If you're over 16 and you know a little bit about CPR and land rescues, then forget this one).
2. Bronze Cross (Over 16 or has Bronze Medallion). This certificate provides you the title of a 'Life Saver', which is basically meaningless until you get the next one...
3. CPR-C. This one is required along with Bronze Cross as the prerequisite for NLS, and the most convenient way is to find a place that teaches CPR-C along with Bronze Cross.
3. NLS (National Lifeguard Service). This one is what you need in the end! This will provide you with the skills and certificate you need to become a lifeguard.

Other things you need to be aware of.
DO NOT apply to small private pools in private apartments and such, even though they usually pay more, because most likely you'll be working by youself and that if you ever encounter trouble, you would be stuck with your own 2 hands, and no one is there to aid you. My advice is that the bigger the pool, the better it is for you.

The courses I listed above cost alot, if you took all of them, the cost would be around $400, and it would be a waste of money and time if they fail you (50% chance), so pay attention in those classes! :)

Pedro Said:

Canada-Where can a student apply for a job for xBox(Microsoft). Something in terms of marketing perhaps.?

We Answered:

working at microsoft…

I notice that there is a job for director of marketing for xBox headquartered in mississauga........

before you apply, make sure you spellcheck.......

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