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Student Summer Jobs Uk

Lillie Said:

How do I get a summer job in the USA?

We Answered:

Try Camp America too where you are an activities rep and you work with young American kids. To help with your application ( cos apparently the competition is fierce) it will help if you have experience working with kids, a CRB check, First Aid, know how to drive etc

Leslie Said:

Job for French student in the UK?

We Answered:

always vacancies for french toilet cleaners

Connie Said:

What are the summer school options for an international student looking for finance courses?Is LSE the only 1?

We Answered:

That is not easy to get summer school courses from a top UC unless you are already a student of that UC. I don't know about summer school. I think you should go to that UC's website and check out what courses they are offering in the summer.
Good Luck

Marc Said:

How can I find a decent summer job?

We Answered:

latest job-

Joy Said:

°°°=Summer job in UK=°°°?

We Answered:

It is very hard. If you don't have money and expect to get a job here to pay for your education then think again. I was looking for 6 months before I found a job.

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