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Student Summer Work

Kimberly Said:

Where should I work as a college student this summer?

We Answered:

Have you looked at That would be my best bet for finding something. Otherwise, maybe a volunteer program. I've had friends travel abroad as a volunteer to teach English to children in foreign countries.

Dorothy Said:

how much hours student work in summer vacation?

We Answered:

Well, I think, depend the person ...

Thelma Said:

i am a student working at a daycare for the summer. Will they even let me come into work if I have a cold?

We Answered:

It is best you stay home. Don't take that as being offensive, but rather as responsible.

Denise Said:

Can I get summer work in america if im not a student?

We Answered:

yea. you can travel to america and find a job by yourself.

Margaret Said:

Eventing Barn Summer Working Student Positions?

We Answered:

Check out

John Staples was long listed for 2 olympics. He has a training and boarding barn in Wichita Kansas. He designs courses, and is on the USET committee that is studying course safety.

There is a trailer house that is shared by the students, plenty of room to play and stalls to muck. The girls are there from 2 weeks to 3 months, and come and go. Fun.

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