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Student Temp Jobs

Rick Said:

Student Loans coming due - and there are no jobs....?

We Answered:

I'm not sure exactly what good divorcing him would do.... or why you are leaning in that direction, except maybe make to make lawers rich. Even divorced, he would still have to pay back his loans. lol

My advice: the first job right out of college is always the toughest. In order for him to actually USE that degree it sounds like he will need to MOVE to a location where teachers are scare. Actually, this happens a lot... esp when people live near a college.... or area where certain majors are churned out like there is no tomorrow. (Teachers, Counselors, etc.) In certain areas of the country or states teachers ARE in demand... you and he just need to be willing to move.

He will prob be offered a job in a small town, isolated, with very few people who have college degrees. The good news is that in these places the cost of daycare is not near as much as what you are paying. Doing this for a year or so would get him great experience. The chances of you getting a job would be good as well... esp if you don't have a degree already. It may not be the ideal situation for you... but if HE has the higher earning potential than you with his Master's degree, then you need to sacrifice your current job to give him that work expereince so it will pay off in a few years.

The biggest mistake people make when hunting for that first "real" job out of college is being way to picky. If they have money to pay him... he needs to TAKE it. Don't limit him by state or region. After a year or two of experience it will be much easier for him to pick and choose.

The absolute WORST thing he could do right now is to sit on the couch and wait until his daugher is old enough to start school. By then, any future employers will just look and him and think their is something "wrong" with him becuause he wasn't able to get a job after graduating with his masters. Unfortunatly, a woman might be able to get away with..."I was staying home with my daugher" but a man may still get put on the bottom of the pile with suspicious eyebrows raised because of lack of gumption. I don't agree, but it DOES happen.

In the short term, he should also consider taking a job to start paying on his loans. He should look into working at a daycare or a headstart or someplace where he can take his daughter with him to work. If that isn't possible, he can work part time while you are not at work.

Delores Said:

jobs out there for a math student?

We Answered:

Part-time math tutor perhaps. Usually, you can get a job doing this at your university. Or you might get a job grading stuff.

Herman Said:

What's a good temp agency that works around the schedule of a graduate student?

We Answered:

Go to all the temp or staffing agencies that you can. Here's a place that lists a lot of them:

Tell them your exact situation and that you need to find something that lets you go at 5pm. They will give you something if it matches you well. Good luck.

Willie Said:

Tax question!! I have work at several different temp jobs last year...?

We Answered:

Yes, if your total income was that much, you'd end up owing if you are a dependent.

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professional writing help said:

It is always good to the students to take up part time or temporary job in their free time. This will help them to pay their loan and clear their dues if any they have. Generally students do think of doing full time jobs and don`t show much interest in temporary job but, temp jobs are also good.

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