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Student Weekend Jobs

Clifford Said:

weekend jobs in chennai?

We Answered:

You can find the requirements in the AD paper ( rs 10) paper

Terrence Said:

I'm a college student that needs help finding a weekend job in New York, NY. Help?

We Answered:

When you are a college student, you have to apply to work everywhere. Supermarkets, restaurants, department stores, coffee shops, mall shops, convenience stores, bookstores, hotels, and whatever you can think of. I was in your situation my entire first semester in college. All you can do is apply, be neat, clean, well dressed, and be easy-going. Call the manager 4 days to a week about your application, if you don't hear anything. See if you can get a job at your college. Theres thousands of people job searching right now, so your not the only one. Just keep trying, and don't give up.

Theresa Said:

I am a full time student with a weekend job and have been taxed(IRELAND) am i entitled to claim it back?

We Answered:

Yes! You are only working part-time so you shouldn't be paying any tax, unless you are on an extremely high rate of pay! (Which is highly unlikely for a weekend job here...)

Ring the tax office (1890 333 425) and ask them to send you out a form for claiming back your tax, and while your at it, ask them what rate of tax you SHOULD be paying and get it checked out.

Check out also, you might be able to do it online.

Ida Said:

Where can I find weekend jobs, or 16 hr jobs in Illinois?

We Answered:

Have you tried the various temporary help agencies such as Kelly Services or Manpower?

Roy Said:

Why are weekend jobs a good reason no to have homework?

We Answered:

1. No time to do homework because you are at work
2. Tired from working. When you get home from work, want to go to bed.
3. Everyone needs time to rest and regroup. If someone works during the weekend and also has homework, there is no time to rest and prepare for the new week at school. It's like your constantly running and no time to rest.

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