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Students Job In London

Ross Said:

What are the best part time student jobs in london?

We Answered:

Working part time in shops is the most popular, mainly because this is the only kind of work a student can commit to (unless you can find bar work). They are usually flexible in the hours (especially supermarkets) and can offer a nice little wage while your a student. They usually train you themselves and they require little in the way of qualifications or experience. Look for key words such as Sales Assistant or Advisor.

Louise Said:

How difficult it is to find a job in London for a fresher.?

We Answered:

£4 - £8 an hour and its not easy you should try to apply to many different jobs at a times and go to several interviews and hopefully youll get your job
Food shops Tesco Asda etc
Clothes shops Foot locker Next etc

Rene Said:

Part Time Jobs For International Students In London?

We Answered:

i think it is so hard to international student (Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani) to fulfil their expenses by jobs because they mainly get job from indian or pakistani and they give maximum £25 to £35 per day and it is not enough them.
international students are allowed only 20 hours a week but more than that hardly anyone get job by legally.

Cathy Said:

where to look for jobs for students in london?? please help!?

We Answered:

Look here:

Nora Said:

Well wat things are Essential in getting a job for students In London ???

We Answered:

Spelling things properly would probably help...

Philip Said:

Where should I look for a job in London?

We Answered:

iit was easy to get bar work in london over the summer over the last couple of years because people in the jobs left regularly to go travelling and so there were lots of opportunities. now coz of the recession ppl dont want to leave their jobs so there's less opportunities and there are also more unemployed people so its harder to get the jobs. if your close enough to come to london for a day you'd be best handing out as many CVs as you can to bars and hope one of them calls you back, but unfortunately its not easy atm. if you look on gumtree there are sometimes adds there for jobs in london. i live here at the minute so if you want to know anythig else feel free to message me

Yvonne Said:

How to find part time student job in london?

We Answered:

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