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Summer Camp Jobs For High School Students

Travis Said:

Where do you think I should work? (high school student)?

We Answered:

work at Tim Horton,s and stuff your face with all the Tim bits you want

Melissa Said:

High school career = a good college application?

We Answered:

Did you take any honor courses? How about any AP? Most colleges rather see you take AP's than just pure honor courses. Try settling for 2000+ on SAT, less than 2000 looks a little low. You're extracurricular and GPA however is good, you'll do fine by senior year for sure. Klg.

Jimmie Said:

High School G.P.A.?

We Answered:

no. Sorry to be the one to inform you but your grades just don't cut it. Maybe if you get 99's and 100's on all your regents from now on and take like 5 AP's and get all 5's and score above 2250 on the SAT's. Good luck with your Ivy League goal.

Judy Said:

How important are extracurriculars in high school?

We Answered:

Sure! You have a huge amount of extracurriculars and your GPA is amazing considering all that you are involved in. The best thing that colleges may like about you having extracurriculars is your commitment to each one. They want to see you do something that you really enjoy doing, not just doing so you have more activities to put on a list. But to me, keep up the hard work and you are likely to be accepted to those schools!

Edith Said:

Volunteer opportunities for a high school student to get into working with dolphins?

We Answered:

I totally understand! I am seventeen and have the same problem. Being a teenager and living in Minnesota is going to make it tough to get experience working with marine animals. Also being under 18 creates a big liability issue--I know, I've had to deal with it, So where ever you are, your not going to be able to literally get your feet wet for a while. It's good to start looking now!

At the Mn Zoo you can also volunteer at the farm if you're under 18 but that's not the most helpful if you want to get into marine bio. Have you looked at Como?

Have you looked at the camps at the zoo. I know they cost a lot but the Florida Keys/Marine Bio trip would probably be beneficial. Or the Dolphin Encounters?

Do you live in the Metro or outside of it? Depending on how far you are willing to drive you could travel up to the aquarium in Duluth to volunteer. Also have you heard about SES? It's the School of Environmental Sciences for juniors and seniors, that's on the Zoo's property--they do lots of projects with the zoo, I've heard. I've been in the school and it's really cool. Would be helpful for a science career, I was going to do that but am doing PSEO instead.

I know it's a little ways in the future but have you looked at places that offer internships? For instance the Mn Zoo has a Dolphin one. But one thing that colleges, internships, and jobs love is seeing that you have committed to something for so long--aka three years or something. So, I would find something that you would have fun doing that is animal related (so you get the handling experience--which is very important) even if it isn't exactly what you want to do but I'm not saying to force yourself to do something you would hate :] Are there other animals that you really, really like?

Remember that it takes a while before you move up and it's the little things that help! Hope this gave you some ideas and didn't ramble too much. :D

Jamie Said:

I'm applying for an admin assistant job at my former high school but apparently I'm too young...?

We Answered:

Do they have laws in Switzerland regarding discrimination in their hiring practices or is there a Department of Labor that you can check with about the position? I know it is a pretty liberal country as far as legal stuff is concerned, so check on that.
Regarding you changing his mind, If you can have some respected (MUCH OLDER) friends, co-workers, etc. write reference letters regarding our work and maturity level, it may help.
I disagree with him not even allowing you to apply and be disqualified appropriately, however, I do understand that he may want someone older, that can demand the authority that is often hard-pressed to come from high school students. At your age, the students just may not take you seriously as an authority figure, and I am sure he wants someone who will exude authority, and not someone who has to earn it from proving themselves to their peers.
Not an ideal situation, but we don't exactly live in an ideal world!

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