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Summer College Jobs

Chester Said:

college Summer jobs...?

We Answered:

It is the BEST job for college students to have - you make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time!

Loretta Said:

Best paying Summer jobs for a college girl?

We Answered:

It would be ideal for you to have a paid internship in a field related to your future career aspirations.

But since you didn't share that information, nor do we have any idea what skills you already have, perhaps the best way to make money over the summer is to work as a waitress where good tips are possible. Or, maybe you can earn money working for one of those services that drives people's cars across the country for a fee. (I have no idea what the pay is, or the qualifications necessary for this, including age minimums, etc.) Or you could work at a local retail store as a clerk, cashier. Or a local country club (or swim club, tennis club) in some capacity. Can you lifeguard? Or be a camp counselor at a local or sleepaway camp? Or even work in a local factory? Maybe you could run/manage local tag sales ... e.g. organize several families' items, price, display, advertise, hire staff for the event for a flat fee or for a percentage of the take. Or dog-walk. Or get a group of clients for whom you run errands (e.g. post office, dry cleaner, dog to vet or groomer, wait on line for this or that, etc.) and charge $20 an hour. Or clean houses or go from house to house washing cars or weeding gardens...or ....

Anyway, you can see part of the point. It depends on your skills, opportunities that exist where you will be physically over the summer, how much you want to put into this, and what you mean by "a good amount of money" and "quickly."

Everett Said:

Laid back summer/college jobs?

We Answered:

Try a search here:

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