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Summer Employment For College Students

Eric Said:

How would I get a job working for a firework company this summer?

We Answered:

Are you refering to factory work or working for a display company? The best way to work for a display company is to volunteer around the 4th of July. Display companies are always strapped for grunt workers and will usually let you help set up the show.
You might also want to contact the Northwest Pyrotechnic Association: and the Oregon Fireworks Association: They can probably give you the names of companies in your area, also if you're into fireworks you should think about joining both, fireworks clubs are the best.

Jamie Said:

I'm Looking for a summer job in the immediate San Diego area, any advice?

We Answered:…

Maurice Said:

College student program at Unemployment office?

We Answered:

If you are really interested contact your unemployment office for information./

Oscar Said:

Where's the best place for a college student to look for jobs in the city?

We Answered:

Well, believe it or not, I'm going to suggest you work for FREE!

That's right, a summer job, even an unpaid internship, in a company that's in a field you intend to enter when you graduate is worth FAR more than some minimum-wage hack job you can get anywhere else.

So, if you plan to pursue a career in law, go work in a law firm, even if it's for free, or if you're going to be a doctor, go work in a hospital, even if it's for free, or, if you're going to be an actor, go work in some summer theater, even if it's for free... you get the idea.

Believe me, in the long run, the experience you'll gain, and the contacts you'll make, will be far more valuable to you than anything else you could possibly do this summer!!

Good luck, and the link below is to a webpage about summer internships in New York City...

Toni Said:

Would you consider it bad to allow a college student to have a car?

We Answered:

Here is what you do.

Just say, "fine mom, I won't take the car, but that means that I also won't work, and you can pay for everything i need"

she will probably give in

Julian Said:

How do you like this program aimed at fostering cultural understanding Students Forced to Work in Nude Bars?

We Answered:

I read about this. Just recently a prostitution house was uncovered in NJ in which Mexican girls as young as 12 were forced into prostitution. Other illegals who gain a monetary foothold in the US were behind the scheme. Amazing that both illegal and legal immigrants will take advantage of their own people even when they are in a foreign country.

Marion Said:

Ideas for summer employment?

We Answered:

What about looking to work at the front desk at a doctor's office.
I have heard that filing and data entry jobs pay pretty good.

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