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Summer Government Jobs College Students

Glenn Said:

Summer Camp Visa !?

We Answered:

Not an embassy failure, maybe a consular services failure in connection with following-up with those who overstay their (short-term) visa. IMO, round 'em up, ship 'em back, and ban them from ever coming to the US again.

Yvonne Said:

Where could I get a good summer job that is government related?

We Answered:

All government agencies in almost every state have a hiring freeze in effect. Unless you have a relative that can get you in the door you are out of luck. If you have not put applications in for summer job then you are going to have a tough time. Most college kids put applications in over spring break.

Betty Said:

I am a college student and worked a summer job in 2009 where I made $1,000. My federal tax withheld is low?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Frank Said:

I'm a college student fed up w/ my horrible pt retail job. Am I making the right decision by quitting?

We Answered:

If anyone has ever taken my advice on something, I hope that this is the time...I strongly suggest that you quit this job, move on to focus solely on school and live healthier and happier. The reason why I am saying this is because of what my own experience has taught me. When I enter college I had a full paid scholarship with room and board. I lived in the dorm for a year and then decided that I wanted to rent an apartment with some friends, which meant that I would have to start supporting myself financially. As a result, I began to work part-time while I maintained student academic hours (i.e., over 14 credit hours). Back then I would have never thought that 10 years later I would finally go back to college to finish my degree after years of going on and off, after I lost my scholarships due to lowered grade point averages. I know it seems pretty drastic but it is what happened to me...and I blame it partly on my refusal to "put off the finer things in life ( that required money)" and focus on bettering myself throught education. The stress of working, keeping high grades, keeping up with the quality of life I wanted and other unexpected things along the way, such as life, eventually compromised my health and my mental/emotional stability. Instead of quitting work, I chose to quit school "just for a semester to get back on track"...that semester turned into years of going back and forth to school and trying to make it work exactly the same way I had been doing before, which was working and going to school. I never did get it right. It took years of getting it wrong for so long, until I finally decided how to "get it right." When I finally went back to complete my degree, I did it without working, which by that time was a heck of a lot harder financially than it would have been when I originally started off. I am proud to say that I do now have my degree and I am damn proud of sure took me a lot more "life learning" to get it than educational learning.
So, my advice to you is quit the damn job, don't look back and move head on into your career as a student. You won't regret it. Really, you will have much more than if you were working. Good Luck.

Beverly Said:

flexible part time jobs?

We Answered:

You could probably find a paying internship through your school with references like that...check out that avenue, and look for companies that have some relationship with your major.
They will be flexible around school, because they have to be, and you'll be getting experience in your future field.

Best of luck!

Eric Said:

Ideas please for a student from Kazakhstan who needs to raise money to attend college/university in the US.?

We Answered:

Get in touch with your local newspaper and TV stations. TV stations and newspapers typically have a department that deal with "goodwill" cases. I had a friend in high school from the former Yugoslavia who was in a different situation but also wanted to go to school in the US. An article was written about him and he received offers from several people and schools to assist him with college.

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