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Summer Holiday Jobs

Jamie Said:

Can I Take Holiday If I Get a Holiday Job This Summer?

We Answered:

as long as you specify your beginning date of employment and your ending date.
that's what i'm doing. on the contract they make you sign for employment it will probably say 'permanent job' 'full time job' 'part time job' 'temporary job', etc. just select temporary job.

Vernon Said:

Where Can I work For a saturday/summer holiday Job at 15 ?

We Answered:

With waitressing you have to be able to do late hours and be able to handle alcohol so most have ages restrictions of 18 years and older.
In this economy its hard enough for people out of school to find jobs so you'll find it most likely even harder as your only looking for one day a week/holiday work.
Try advertising dog walking for your local area or something like that, ask around at your local shops such as hairdressers if they have any vacacies

Caroline Said:

There is this Summer Holiday Hotel in New York offering jobs, you get free air fare, is it true?

We Answered:

Well, firstly I cannot even find a website for this hotel, so that tells me they are not an aggressive hotel looking to make money. Every hotel, motel and inn I have ever seen has a good website that encourages customers to make reservations on line.

Secondly, with unemployment as high as it is in the United States, why would anyone want to import labor from another country? That makes no sense. The U.S. would not grant a work visa for a general laborer.

If you can provide me with a bonafide website, address and phone number I will check it out further. Without all that information being available I sense a scam here and my senses are usually right.

Howard Said:

What jobs can a 13 year old girl do for her local village or online?

We Answered:

13-year-olds can't get decent jobs yet, really. You can't get a job application until you're 14. 13-Year-Olds can volunteer so if your looking for a job that doesnt pay, and you just wont experience stick to libraries and things, but if you want to get paid, stick to baby sitting untill you're 14. :]

Hey, it pays well soemtimes! XD

Jonathan Said:

What saturday jobs or summer holiday jobs are available in cheadle for a 13 yr old?

We Answered:

I am a 12 year old babysitter and it is fun and gets good money. Here are some suggestions to get clients.
What I did was put up a flyer in the grcoeery and store and you can also do it anywhere with a bulletin board. Also, give flyers to people you know with kids. word of mouth is the best. Ask your parents to help you find jobs. Also try craigslist. A great place with lots of people are at your temple or church. Parents also go to the park and you can hand them flyers.
Good luck.

Chad Said:

summer holiday jobs?

We Answered:

If you are looking to clean cars you could just go inside a car wash place and ask them, maybe they have vacancies OR: just apply for mcdonalds. I did and i got the crew member job today after the interview! It's not the greatest job in the world, but they hire anyone on the spot so long as you are eligible to work in the UK. At 15/16, you are likely to have no experience so applying for mcdonalds would give you experience and if you decided to leave, you already have something to show on your CV. You get free meals and wear a uniform so you don't have to fuss over your clothes. If you are called for an interview the questions are quite easy. they ask questions like:
why are u interested in this position?
how are you going to travel to work?
why work in a team?
what days can u work?
what times can u work?
Something along those lines.
Tips on what to wear on the interview:
Nice white or black shirt and black trousers and black shoes.
Hope this helps!
(It's one of the most easiest jobs to get!)

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