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Summer Job Application

Lorraine Said:

where can i submit my application for summer job?i am interested. does it has online application application?

We Answered:

Apply at a grocery store. Look well groomed when you go in, leave yourself plenty time, looked interested, act friendly and helpful, prepare answers ahead of time that might be required on a job application. It doesn't hurt if you can supply references, teachers, community leaders, religious leaders, neighbors you have helped. Take a good pen with you.

Jennie Said:

Should I say I've already graduated on my summer job application?

We Answered:

The common practice is to title it as your "anticipated" graduation. For instance, you should write, "Currently attending _____ High School, anticipated graduation in June, 2009."

If you want more resources on job applications for students, you should visit Microsoft's Office Live Students Facebook page at…

I hope this helps you out and good luck with your job applications!

- Jake

MSFT Office Live Outreach Team

Ashley Said:

Summer Job Application - Preferred Salary?

We Answered:

You got it! Negotiable is what I would put. You don't want to limit yourself to minimum wage and at the same time you don't want to ask to much and have the employer throw away your application. This leaves it open and you can discuss it in person.

Good luck!

Laurie Said:

I lied on a summer job application, is that bad?

We Answered:

Yes it is ... and yes You do ... but You probably won't be.

That's not the Point!

People can check your Employment history through the IRS. It's not good to Lie when applying for a job because if you are caught You will probably be fired after you're hired.

Try telling the truth ... You will feel better and won't have to sweat bullets trying to hide something that's not worth lying about.

I was a waiter and busboy when I started working in the service industry. I've worked in Gourmet Restaurants at The Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada and also at Jack N' The Box across from NBC studios in Burbank, California. I also worked at Del Taco when I was considerably younger and Pizza Hut in the 1990's was really fun! I had fun period and gained valuable experience in customer service.

Don't lie about working somewhere. Even though companies like people with experience ... most companies will train someone they can mold to their needs. You'll be ok.

Stop lying! (smiling)

Edwin Said:

I am 15 and looking for a summer job at giant grocery. How would I go about getting a job application?

We Answered:

Walk in. Ask to speak to a manager. Ask manager if the store is hiring. If yes, ask if you can fill out an application. If no, say thanks, and walk out.

Joel Said:

Can my son say that he has done misc. jobs for cash over the summer on a job application?

We Answered:

Your son can certainly put this on his application, particulary because of his age and the fact that this will be his 'first' job.

He might want to word it as 'Miscellaneous Duties' and mention Landscaping and Minor Construction as subcategories or something along those lines.

Good luck to him!

Wayne Said:

Im 15 and looking for an application at some restaurants for a summer job, can someone give me a link to apply

We Answered:

Dress neat and clean, and apply personally . First impressions are important.

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