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Summer Job England

April Said:

I am a college student hoping to get a job in New England this summer. What area has the best night life?

We Answered:

on cape cod the best nightlife is in provincetwon but it is very gay if thats ok with should also check out coastal maine..portland has the very best nightlife of all the new england resort towns (the Old Port has over 100 bars/restaurants within 10 blocks)...another big resort town with good nightlife in summer is Bar Harbor maine

Deborah Said:

What job can a fourteen year old in England get during the summer? I have 2 weeks work experience.?

We Answered:

unfourtunately you cant get a job like that until your 16 and have a national insurance card. shops and large companies cant cover u on their insurance. your best bet is a paper round or waiting until your 16. no 1 else your age wil have proper jobs though and once u have 1, its hard to go back cuz your used to the money. my advice is to just enjoy a nice cheap summer!
hope thats a help

oh, and also, when you are old enough to get a job you can work as many as u want up to 9 i think, as long as its not on a day when your ment to be attending school. i know this cuz i got my job in may of year 11 when i was 16, i alo know from experience that employers are willing to bend the rules if u are, iv done a few 12 hour shifts to help them out when theyv been short staffed xxx

Seth Said:

the best summer job in england...?

We Answered:

Unless it is a paper round you will need to be 16 to get a job in England.

Andy Said:

summer in England vs. summer job help!?

We Answered:

It sounds like you already know what you want do and that is take the summer job. Talk to your parents, see if there is any way for you to take the summer job.

Toni Said:

I'm looking for a summer job in England, for this summer.... Is it possible?

We Answered:

It's allowed, but you're going to need a lot of luck. People twice your age are stuggling to get basic jobs. I think you're better off staying in Italy this year.

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