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Summer Job In Uk

Leah Said:

Is there a work abroad summer job program?

We Answered:

careers abroad are really an exciting idea, but you have to be really careful of the legislative implications, if you don't effect your research well, there can be regrettable conseqences! The site in the box below has loads of tips and tricks on careers abroad, my pal found it, now he is a barman in Tasmania!

Colleen Said:

Summer job for a 14 year old in the UK?

We Answered:

When I was 14 the only summer job in the UK i knew of was the paper round. I don't know how much it pays though. In the UK, you can start working properly at 16 though.

Phyllis Said:

i want a summer job in the uk, so i hav some money for college any ideas where i can find one ?

We Answered:

Your english seems fine so I should see their being a problem in you getting a job in the UK. Waitressing is a good one and if you make sure you are presentable id go for the hotel jobs as oyu get good money and good tips. You could also babysit? Work out what your skills are.. if oyur good with people apply for jobs in customer related jobs ie shops etc. If not go for office temps perhaps...
Good luck. Also a good idea is to go with an agency.. ie brookstreet, search, or manpower?

Jamie Said:

Summer job for a 16 year old in UK?

We Answered:

try going to your local stores like tesco or some shops which your intrested in and ask whether there taking on people..i know what your going finding it hard because most of the jobs ask for people who are 18 years old or of luck! :)

Patrick Said:

Summer job in Nottingham, UK?

We Answered:

as this is a worldwide site you would probably have more luck placing a small add in a local newspaper or in the local shop window

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