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Summer Job Opportunities

Sean Said:

Summer job opportunities for a 17 year old?

We Answered:

I suggest you to see it helped me for same after i browsed for hours. I am sure it will help you too. Best of luck.

Loretta Said:

Are there any summer job opportunities in San Francisco for teens right now?

We Answered:

You may want to stick with babysitting in this economy. You are going to be competing with a lot of out of work adults and there are few openings.

Ken Said:

Do you know of any summer job opportunities that offer a place to live?

We Answered: - Check out this website, its got some pretty good job listing that offer housing for their seasonal employees. I'm looking for the same thing but am having little luck seeing as how I don't want to live in a tent or be a camp counselor.

Brent Said:

What are some summer job opportunities in San Francisco? I am studying business in college and i can stay wit?

We Answered:

Don't leave out looking in Oakland and other towns. You'll have to commute to San Francisco every day and that may not suit you well if there are transportation issues. Retail always has jobs. If you want something specific, target firms that specialize in that industry.

Michele Said:

Anyone know any summer job opportunities in New Jersey?

We Answered:

I'm looking on and it states that the Kohl's in your area is hiring. Borders is also in need of booksellers.

Those would be great summer jobs and you could also ask if they offer any summer internships, but it's best to apply in person and make sure to let them know that you are interested in actually working instead of lazing about all day.

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