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Summer Job Search

Darren Said:

I'm sixteen and i'm looking for a summer job where should i search ?

We Answered:

you can try going to different stores and ask if there hiring anyone or you can try filling out its also true wat your dad says the economy is bad anyways look at this video and dnt forget to comment

Jamie Said:

Summer Job Search!?!? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!?

We Answered:

See if your school system has a summer job program for students. I had my fist job at 14 because the Cleveland Public School system has a program like that. Kudos for looking for a job! Be careful. Be aware that federal law prohibits minors from work a certain number of hours a week.

Irene Said:

How to Summer job search?

We Answered:

I'm sorry, but chances are.. if you're in America, you probably won't get a job. Here's why.
1. Places hire out during spring break for college students.
2. Highschoolers that worked grocery and are now in college get their jobs back...
3. Nobody wants to train someone for 2 months of work.
A bright corner. If you have any nearby recreational parks or amusement parks, you might have a chance. But then again, they hire out in May usually. What's the final advice? Look much earlier. Competition is intense. I was competing with adults for a part time grocery job due to the recession. Use connections if you have them. References are the best way. Since you had a late start, and I'm assuming you're into your 20's, you will have a difficult time getting an hourly job in general. By your age, most people have at least a few references. Try using your college's career center for assistance or do an unpaid internship/ program to boost your resume.

Ruby Said:

Summer Job?

We Answered:

the best jobs are found in places where lots of youth gather late in the day and where u can better yourself and make some money ... so I'd say look @ super walmart or shopping centers in general ... parks and small businesses if you like working with children or interacting with others ... look for places where u can display your talents and best qualities ... good luck.

Deborah Said:

Still no luck with summer job search! HELP!!?

We Answered:

i know the feeling. i too am also in need of a summer job but i can't seem to get one. although this is going to be my first ever job so it is going to be difficult. I suggest just checking online on retail sites they usually put up all their vacancies. Hopefully a few more jobs will pop up as the sales are coming up. OH upload your cv onto job sites as well.

Everett Said:

What is the best job search resource for summer positions?

We Answered:

Go to the employment agencies in your area that do temp position placements. If you live where you will be going to school, check with their student services dept. or their alumni center... they could probably link you up to places that like to employ their students and grads.

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