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Summer Job Uk

Lisa Said:

I am 15, live in the UK and want a summer job. What am I allowed to do and any suggestions?

We Answered:

hey as you are 15 there is no minimum wage so they can pay you peanuts if they won't

Im 15 and i have a satarday job and i get £30 a day which im happy with , this is the average wage for a satarday girl

If you have a connection near you , you can go there and if you tell them stuff about yourself they will right you up a c.v, if you print it about 30 times (or whatever you think) and just hand it round to all your hairdressers, cafe's etc and one of them are bound to get back to you

Although when you hit 16 the minimum wage is £3.84 (but they will pay you areound that price any way)…

hope this helps
good luck with the job hunting =] x

Herman Said:

How old do you have to be to get a summer job in the UK?

We Answered:


Laura Said:

Summer job in UK-touristy destinations?

We Answered:

All seaside resorts have hotels and restaurants that hire seasonal staff.

All holiday camps operate almost exclusively on seasonal staff (try butlins or pontins if that appeals to you).

London and all other tourist destinations need extra staff.

Look at travel brochures, decide where you want to go and then try looking for a job there.

Once you have decided can provide you with details of hotels, restaurants, holiday camps or any other specific business in the area. For many of these you will be able to check or ask on-line about the availability of jobs


In addition there are many seasonal workers employed on a casual basis picking fruit/vegetables/hops particularly in the Kent/Essex/Suffolk/Norfolk areas

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Paket Pulau Pari said:

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Wisata Pulau Harapan said:

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