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Summer Job Vacancies

Phillip Said:

Looking for a summer job in central south or east London...any vacancies?-any sort. help me out?

We Answered:


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Annette Said:

Summer job vacancies for 16 year old?

We Answered:

The only way to find out is to go there and ask someone (preferable someone in charge). At first they may not be willing, but with a little time and good presentation, you can probably get the job.

Shirley Said:

Seriously, Does Anybody Know Of Any Current Job Vacancies In London (Things Like Kitchen Porter, Retail )?

We Answered:

You're better off searching job websites like OzAdz

Tony Said:

Does anyone know a good job search engine for a finding current jobs in retail?

We Answered:

I dont know if any of the below will help you or not, but give them a try:

Check your local paper. Maybe your Sunday paper has a job section where you can get a job. Ask your friends.

Allen Said:

I'm looking for a summer job...?

We Answered:

Any work you do and earn money is a Job.
Your options are limited. Most businesses want you to be 16 to hire you for gainful employment. Now they are hiring older than 16 to fill the jobs because there are more people unemployed. It is hard for 16 year old to find a job.

Time to be inventive, My suggestions to you:

Make up fliers and pass them around in your neighborhood.

Offer to do whatever work it is you want to do, such as :

Computer work, Babysit, Clean Garages, Organize Cupboards, File Papers, Wash Cars, Mow Lawns, Pull Weeds, Tutor the neighbors kids, wash Dogs, Dog sit, Clean the Pool, Assist the elderly, whatever...

Post first whatever it is you want to do or are good at ...
However, Keep your options open and make a decision after the persons call you instead of not giving them many reasons to call.

Say you are a student and available on weekends and all summer.

Your neighbors who might hire you do not have to be residents, they might be local businesses that need a little job done. Do not be afraid to ask and apply. You won't get a job if you don't try.

Lillie Said:

I'm 16 and looking for a part-time job over the summer. What are the best options at my age?

We Answered:

Supermarkets always take on students during the holidays so that would be a good place to start. Sainsburys or Tesco would probably be best

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