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Summer Jobs For College Students 2010

Cindy Said:

Are these differences between 1957 and 2010 true? Does this show how stupid we have become?

We Answered:

Things have gotten crazy. Thanks for the read, had a chuckle or two. I miss the good ol' days!

Diane Said:

Should we plan for a baby in our 3rd yr of college?

We Answered:

pregnancy and school does not mix well
wait until through school and settled into a job.

Barry Said:

What are my chances of getting into business school directly from college?

We Answered:

Look at the University of Chicago. I know a couple of years ago they established a small cohort program for people like you with really strong quant skills. Otherwise, unless there are newer programs I haven't yet heard about, your GMAT is too good to waste on most of the lesser schools which would happily take you to bring up their averages and pay their tuition. Don't get an MBA just to put the letters after your name. It won't help you that much with most jobs if you do it right after college, and once you have the degree, you can't go back to a better school to get the same degree again.

Another thought: Since you like quantitative work, have you ever thought about going for a Ph.D. in a business field? You sound like you may have great potential as a researcher. Starting salaries are phenomenal right now (particularly in areas like Finance, because there are huge shortages of faculty with large numbers of retirements projected over the next decade or so), good schools will give you a stipend which covers tuition and very basic living expenses, and they will take you right out of undergrad (you may need to get an MBA as part of the process, and even if they don't require it, it may help your credibility in the classroom).

Naomi Said:

How do I tell my parents and coaches I don't want to play college football?

We Answered:

i suggest telling them you dont want to play. duh!

Isaac Said:

As students, do my fiancee and I lose our medical insurance once we are married?

We Answered:

Once you are married, you certainly aren't their dependents any more.

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